Jesus heals. All Glory be to God!

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever." Hebrews 13:8

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A message to friends and family

I feel it necessary to address my family, friends, and all those who have been watching our family go through this trial, whether from a distance or up close and personal. I know it has been hard for some of you to find the "right words" to say or even to look at us without feeling empathy or a sense of helplessness or even pity. During this journey, I have had the heart-wrenching experience of seeing this trial through your eyes--on the outside looking in. I personally truly understand what you have been going through and I want you to know how much I love you.

Back before I had the relationship I now have with God, I can only imagine if someone I knew was going through a trial like this. I too would have felt helpless and probably even a little uncomfortable. Even those who have a strong relationship with God and had the measure of faith to believe for a miracle may have even doubted when looking at the medical diagnosis we were faced with. I started off this trial only looking at the medical diagnosis and letting it control my emotions. It wasn't until I shifted my focus to God and started seeing this trial through His eyes that I was able to reach a turning point and He was able to start transforming my mind, my heart and my life. I just want to let you know that I sincerely forgive you for not calling or e-mailing or coming around during those rough times. I honestly and truly understand. My hope is that you see my sincere heart and that you call or email or write me now or that you respond when I reach out to you.

My prayer is that Chloe's healing miracle will make many stop and think about their own personal relationship with God. I know that most of you--and especially those that are parents--probably stopped for a moment and tried to put yourself in my shoes and didn't know how I could possibly have the strength to endure such a trial. All glory be to God! He gave me the faith and the strength I needed to fully trust in Him because His purpose and plan in healing Chloe is far greater than just fulfilling the desire of my heart. He also wanted others who may not know Him or have strayed away from Him to shift their focus, to realize that He is our living God and that He is not a "frame of mind" or a mist in the Heavens. God is REAL and ALIVE and TANGIBLE and working right here on earth. He is truly a miracle working God!

God loves you. His greatest hope is that all of His children will come to truly know Him and love Him and accept His Son, Jesus, into their hearts. All of the mercy, forgiveness and blessings that He has freely poured out upon me, my daughter and our family are available to you for He is "no respecter of persons." (Acts 10:34) If you do not know God or have not accepted Jesus into your heart, accepting Jesus is the first step in having a fulfilling and everlasting relationship with God. "For no one comes to the Father except through Jesus." (John 14:6).

If you want to accept Jesus into your heart and start living the abundant life He has planned for you, please pray this simple prayer right now, out loud, wherever you are:

"Dear God, I've been living my life my own way, now I want to live it your way. I need you and I am now willing for you to take control of my life. I receive your Son Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. I believe He died for my sins and has risen from the dead. I surrender to Him as Lord. Come Lord Jesus and occupy the throne of my life. Make me the type of person you want me to be. Amen."

Congratulations! You have just taken a beautiful step of faith and are on your way to discovering a fulfilling life with Jesus at the helm! "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11) I prayed this very same prayer the first time I accepted Jesus into my heart. It's from a timeless, FREE book that my Mom passed along to me called "Power for Living." A link to the Power for Living website is provided below as well as a link to a site with some great information on what it means to pray the prayer of salvation and the "next steps" in your walk with God.

Power for Living

Prayer of Salvation

Going all out for God

Several people have asked me if I was "religious" before this trial in my life. I respect that question and I answer honestly every time: although I have always believed in God, I was not living a God-centered life. This statement itself says a whole lot about my spiritual health before this journey because even Satan believes in God!

Going to church was part of my "routine" from an early age. I can still remember back to when I was a child and my Mom would force me to go to church when I really didn't want to. I was raised in the Lutheran church. I was baptized as an infant and went through Catechism classes in my teens. It wasn't until my teens that I actually started enjoying the fellowship and friendships I made at church and therefore actually wanted to attend. I can distinctly remember going to a church retreat as a teen and feeling a closeness to Jesus like I never had before. However, Satan was quick to wipe out that budding relationship. When I went to pray he inserted horrible and graphic images in my mind and put a huge black "X" on the face of Jesus. I was so afraid that I didn't try to pray again for a very long time.

Even after that experience I still attended church. However, during this time, church was still just a place I went on Sundays, but there was no real connection for me, it just felt like the "right thing to do." I was pretty much passive in my worship and passive in pursuing a deep, meaningful relationship with God. When I went off to college, I attended church sparingly. After graduation, I went through a period of time where I didn't attend church at all. I knew God was missing from my life during that time and my lifestyle reflected that fact. My interests were narrowly centered on partying and going to the bar or club as many nights a week as my energy level could sustain. I don't remember ever praying during this time and I was very self-centered--focused only on what I could do to get ahead and acquire material things. All the successes I had in careers at that point, I attributed to my own determination and personality. Never once did I ever acknowledge or thank God for anything. When I met my husband, my focus switched from myself to him as we dated and got to know each other better. Soon we were both wrapped up in a self-centered lifestyle. It wasn't until we decided to marry in 1998 that we started regularly attending church together. However, it still felt like more of a formality than a means of getting closer to God. It helped that we had a pastor that we really enjoyed listening to so the time we spent in church at least made us feel good. We decided to join.

During this time when I was back in the church, God was prodding me, His Holy Spirit was trying to get me to acknowledge Him and draw closer. However, I didn't listen. I simply continued living my will not God's. The first time I actually remember praying the prayer of salvation and accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior was in 2002 when I was pregnant with my first child. The pregnancy got off to a rough start and I was in excruciating pain with three large ovarian cysts. I didn't know if I would have a miscarriage or not. I was so afraid. I turned to God and put all my trust in Him. He led me through and my healthy, baby boy, Noah, was born in April of 2003. After his birth however, I allowed the worries and stresses of new motherhood to take precedence over my walk with God. Although I prayed more often now and we attended church regularly as a family, I still lacked the cherished quality time I needed to spend worshipping God.

As my son got older and I started working full time again, I became consumed with "To Do" lists and often skipped church on Sundays so that I could "get stuff done." I am truly ashamed to admit how little value I placed on worshipping and building a strong relationship with God. However, He was always there with me and never left my side. Even though at times I have stumbled, His love kept me from truly falling. When I stop to think about the love, mercy, faithfulness, forgiveness and patience God has shown me I just break down in tears. I lose the words to express how grateful I am to serve a God who loves us so much that He never gives up on us. A God who heard my desperate cries and pleadings and answered! A God who gives second chances and new beginnings. A God who accepted my offer of myself--as unholy and undeserving as I had been--as a living sacrifice and made me holy and acceptable in His sight. All glory be to God!!

God chose our family for this healing miracle and He entrusted me to share every aspect of this journey until Chloe is old enough to speak and share it herself! I hope this site has inspired your faith, encouraged you and put a desire in your heart to seek the Lord if you don't already have a personal relationship with Him. I simply did exactly what He has designed each and every one of us to do: turn to Him, cast all our cares upon Him and TRUST in Him.

Please feel free to send me an email:
May the joy of the Lord be with you always!


Chloe and big brother Noah on Easter 2007.

Chloe's Grandma, Carolyn Lawrence, wrote the following poem for Chloe entitled "Chloe's Miracle."

A prayer was answered on one November's day,
an angel was sent to come our way.

She lost her wings on her travel to earth,
so her mother could give her an earthly birth.

This mother's first touch to her newborn child,
sent currents of love specially mild.

Although she was born of her mother's own flesh,
somehow she knew she was especially blessed.

The trials and the journey are for all to see,
that miracles still exist for you and for me.

This little angel is special, God has His plans,
with faith and patience, this family stands.

For God hears our prayers both day and night,
just keep your faith and hold on real tight.

Your prayers will be answered, it's coming real soon...
God's gathering His people both young and old,
to show forth this miracle to every lost soul.

Just keep on trusting God in all His glory,
so this world can share this huge miracle for Chloe!

Listen closely and you will hear Chloe say,
"Jesus healed me" on this glorious day!