Jesus heals. All Glory be to God!

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever." Hebrews 13:8

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This trial started so quickly it seemed as if my family and I were caught up in a whirlwind. My husband and I began this journey in faith in a place of terror, depression and anxiety. It wasn't until I turned to God that He began to calm my fears and fill me with hope. Here's how it all began:

April 20, 2006:

I took Chloe to her pediatrician (just after she turned 5 months old) to check out a lingering cough. While I was there, I just so happened to mention that Chloe seemed a little behind on her physical development milestones. After a heart-wrenching evaluation, where her pediatrician could find no reflexes in her legs, I was sent to Sparrow lab for x-rays and blood work to rule out Muscular Dystrophy. I left the pediatrician's office dazed and afraid and speechless. All I could do was cry as I was enveloped in a cloud of fear. I immediately called my husband, Jason, who met me and Chloe at the hospital lab.

In the meantime, I phoned the federal Early On program my pediatrician had told me about so that I could get Chloe started with physical therapy. I had to try to do what I could to take some control over a situation that seemed to be slowly spinning out of control. Early On was so back logged that the person on the phone told me that the soonest someone would be able to work with Chloe would be in the fall! I was devastated and almost in tears. I begged for them to at least send out a service coordinator as soon as possible so that I could get the paper work started. The gracious lady on the phone heard the desperation in my voice and was the first of many "angels" God sent to guide me through this trial. She gave me the number of one of the service coordinators and I left her a desperate voicemail message, pleading for her to meet with me as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we waited anxiously for a call from the pediatrician that evening to find out the results of the blood work and x-rays. Otherwise, I would surely be unable to sleep, eat or think! At 7 p.m. I heard from the pediatrician and she told me that the blood work came back negative for muscular dystrophy and that the x-rays showed her lungs were clear and her heart was normal size. I breathed a sigh of relief. However, the fact remained that Chloe was still behind in all of her major physical development milestones (rolling over, mini-push-ups, holding her head steady while upright, etc.). On top of that, she was very hypotonic (low muscle tone) which makes her feel "floppy"--almost like a rag doll-- when you hold her. Hypotonia can be benign with no known cause or just a symptom of a host of scary diseases. Therefore, we were referred to a neurologist for further testing.

April 21, 2006:

I got a call from an early On services coordinator who said she could come out on the 27th to do an intake and at least get the paper work started! (Thank you Jesus!!)

My sister-in-law told me about a private physical therapist who specializes in working with babies. I spoke to her and begged her to meet with Chloe as soon as possible. I got the ball rolling on a referral from Chloe's pediatrician and we made our first appointment.

April 26, 2006:

Chloe had her first appoint with our private physical therapist. She was very concerned by what she saw. She has worked with babies who have muscular dystrophy for the majority of her career and when I asked her what she thought. She hesitated, but saw the worried plea in my eyes and said that it looks like muscular dystrophy or something similar. We had already ruled out muscular dystrophy, but the fear returned and the thoughts of some other scary disease began to take hold.

April 28, 2006:

An Early On physical therapist met with me and Chloe in our home. After asking some questions and looking at Chloe I asked her what she thought. She said "I have never seen anything like this." (She was referring to Chloe's complete inability to do anything that a baby her age was supposed to do.)


In the midst of doctor appointments and physical therapy appointments, I knew I would need spiritual support as well. I called my Mom who came to Lansing to be with me and provide emotional support and pray with me. I also called the church I was attending to get some pastoral support. I didn't know at that time that God was going to remove me from the church I had been attending for the past 13 years and place me in a different church to go through this trial, but that's exactly what He did.


April 30, 2006:

Attended new church God placed me in for this trial and journey in faith. I immediately received a message of faith and hope that spoke directly to my current situation.

May 2, 2006:

We met with the neurologist. After examining her, he could find no reflexes in her legs and observed that her lower extremities and trunk were affected by weakness and low muscle tone more than her arms. He seemed sure that she had SMA and therefore sent us to the lab to get blood work done. The blood work had to be sent to the Mayo Clinic so he said it could take up to three week to get the results back. My heart sank as more fear and worry settled in. In the meantime, he schedule Chloe for an EMG and NCT to test the muscle and nerve activity in her legs.

I went home and looked up SMA on the Internet. After a few minutes of research, I literally almost passed out in front of the computer as I was completely enveloped in a cloud of terror and fear from what I read about this disease and the horrible prognosis. Depression quickly began to set in.

May 3, 2006:

Chloe started PT one day/week with our private physical therapist. By this time, I had already lost six pounds from worry and fear. I couldn't eat or sleep or think about anything else, but the possibility of not having my daughter here on earth to love and cherish and watch her grow up and grow old. I dropped to my knees and begged and pleaded with Jesus to save her life. I was devastated.

May 4, 2006:

We went to the hospital to have Chloe's EMG and NCT done. The doctor hooked her tiny little legs up to electrodes and stuck the long needles into her legs as she laid there crying a tearful cry that felt like it was tearing my heart clean out of my chest. It was almost more than I could bear. After about 20 minutes. The doctor said he had enough information. He looked at me and said "As her Mom, what is your intuition on this?" Although I was a little surprised by the question, I didn't hesitate to answer. I said, "Before any doctors got involved I felt like she was indeed behind on her physical milestones and would probably need some physical therapy to get her on track, but that she would definitely do all things other kids do (run, jump, etc.); it would just take her a little longer." The doctor then looked at me and my husband and said "Are you sure you want the results?" Again, I was a little surprised by that question (of course I want the results!). He then said that it looked like SMA. He said it could be some neuropathy or myopathy, but from the specific findings he had there it looked exactly like what the neurologist had sent the blood work out for. He seemed pretty shook up by having to give us that horrible report and went on to tell us that he has five children and couldn't imagine what we are going through right now. It was more than I could deal with at that moment. All I wanted to do was go home and snuggle with my baby girl. That's exactly what I did.

During this time, I had been visiting the Gilead Healing Center for prayer. I had been attending the new church God sent me to and was surrounded by people who helped me build my faith. The pastors and prayer partners pointed out God's promises to me for health and healing in His word, the Bible. As my faith grew so did my trust in God. I started seeing my current situation through God's eyes and with Him, "all things are possible."


May 9, 2006:

I received an unexpected call from Early On letting me know that Chloe was able to qualify for physical therapy two days/ week starting that following week! Immediately after the Early On call, I received a call from the neurologist saying Chloe's test results were in. I wasn't expecting them back so soon, but someone had told me "if they find something irregular, they'll get those results back to you quickly." They wanted to see me on May 17 because they could not give results over the phone. My heart sank for a moment, but I prayed to God and put all of my trust in Him.

May 12, 2006:

I took Chloe to her pediatrician because she had the sniffles. Chloe had an MRI scheduled for May 15 (which I was not thrilled about because they would have to sedate her for two hours whole they performed the MRI). I knew they would be unable to sedate her if she had a cold. Her pediatrician cancelled the MRI.

May 13, 2006:

I wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible that I could on behalf of my daughter who could not speak for herself. I realized that I was standing before God on her behalf. I wanted a heart as pure as hers. I prayed and asked God to lead me, guide me and show me the way. I realized at that moment that I wanted to be baptized--I NEEDED to be baptized. I had been baptized as a baby--before I was ever able to realize what being baptized symbolized. Now, I knew what it meant. I was ready to die to my old self and present my new life as a living sacrifice to God on my daughter's behalf.

May 14, 2006:

I was baptized (on Mother's Day) and entered into the next level of my relationship with God.

May 17, 2006:

We were meeting with the neurologist today to get Chloe's blood test results. The night before, I dreamed that the neurologist told me that "the test came back positive for SMA. I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do." I screamed a blood-curdling "noooooooo!" in my dream and began to cry uncontrollably. I woke up with fear in my heart and immediately began to pray "God, if this dream is true, please steady me, keep your hand upon me and guide me through this appointment." I prayed healing scriptures over Chloe before the appointment and while I was praying over her, I was suddenly covered in goose bumps. I looked down at Chloe and she was completely covered in goose bumps too! I wasn't sure what this meant, but I put all my trust in God and left for the appointment. My husband, Jason, met me at the doctor's office. We had agreed beforehand that no matter what the doctor said, we had put all our faith and trust in God and would believe the report of the Lord. The doctor told us that the blood work came back positive for SMA and that there was nothing he could do. I waited for the ache in my heart or clench of fear in my stomach, but it never came. I knew God was right there with me. I turned to the neurologist and said, "There is no 'medical cure,' but with God, all things are possible." He looked at me for a moment and went on to outline all the scientific details of the disease.

Jason and I left the doctor's office and came home. I asked him if he was okay and he said "yes." I sat with Chloe on my lap and a quiet voice inside of me said "take your hands off of her for a moment." As soon as I took my hands off of her, she straightened her back and sat up COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED for the first time EVER! It was only for a few seconds, but I felt God had given me a glimpse of what was to come by trusting in Him. Chloe met with our private physical therapist that afternoon. I told her of the medical diagnosis and she was visibly upset by it. I went on to tell her that we believe the report of the Lord and that Chloe would live to declare the works of God. She looked at me with eyes that revealed how much her heart was aching for me and for Chloe. Nothing else was said.

Later that evening, God put it on my heart to start a prayer campaign so that I could expose as many people as possible to Chloe's healing miracle. I wasted no time getting started (See healing scriptures under the "Trusting in God" tab on this site).

May 18, 2006:

I made the announcement of Chloe's doctor's report at my work staff meeting. I saw the shock and sadness on people's faces as they listened to the medical diagnosis. The empathy I felt from those in the room choked me up for a moment, but I stood on the report of the Lord and told everyone not to be sad because they were about to bear witness to the power of God through Chloe's healing miracle. Although I believed the report of the Lord, the weight of putting Chloe's testimony before everyone left me completely drained of energy. God took care of that the very next day.

May 19, 2006:

Chloe had physical therapy today and I told the early On therapist the medical diagnosis and that we were trusting God for her complete healing.

God was watching me and He was with me. He watched my every step from the moment this all began--when I was in a place of fear and terror. He was with me and watched as I put all my faith and trust in Him and surrendered to Him--offering myself as a living sacrifice on behalf of my daughter. He watched me as I told friends and family members of the doctor's report and asked them to lift Chloe up in prayer because we had a miracle waiting for us. He watched and was with me as I listened to people look at me with sorrow and pity as they encouraged me to "enjoy Chloe while you can" and said "it's God's will." He watched me stand in faith through the sting of their well-meaning words and fight the tears as my heart bore the weight of what they said. He watched as I stood on His word and His promises and simply believed with all my heart.

I was, by every definition, a brand new Christian. Although I had prayed the prayer of salvation four years prior and had accepted Jesus into my heart, I had not made any real effort to live the type of life God wanted me to live. I didn't bear the "fruits of the Spirit." I held anger and resentment in my heart. I had times of jealousy, impatience and rage. I tried to be a good person on my own and not through God. However, this time was different. I had surrendered all to God. I entrusted my life and Chloe's life to the One who gave us life. I was ready and willing to be used, led and guided by God in every aspect of my life. I had fully surrendered.

I went to a neighborhood church service that evening and God was there. His Holy Spirit came into the room as soon as we began to sing and praise and worship Him. I had been so "strong" standing on the Word of God, confident in His promises of health and healing for my daughter. As I praised God in song, I began to cry. I was thinking about how much I trust in Him. My tears soon turned to full blown, body shaking weeping--complete with huge uncontrollable tears and a runny nose. I felt as if I was going to pass out so I went to sit down. That's when God fulfilled one of His promises to me: He sent the Holy Spirit, the Comforter to give me peace. I went to sit in my chair and was suddenly forced straight to the floor with a power so strong I was unable to move. I laid there on the floor completely paralyzed, being filled to the brim with a "surge of energy" that washed over me like a blanket of love and comfort. While I lay on the floor soaking up God's presence, I remembered I had felt this same "surge of energy" before! It was by no means as intense as I was feeling it at that moment, but I had indeed felt it before. I felt it the moment I reached out to touch Chloe after she was born! I received a surge of energy that flowed from her little body, through my hand and up my arm. It startled me then and I had no idea what it was until this very moment as I lay on the floor being filled with that same surge of energy only 10 times greater! It was at that moment that I knew Chloe had been healed! I thanked Jesus for healing her as I lay on the floor basking in God's presence as I felt the surge of energy quiet down and began to lift off me. I stood up after who knows how long I was down on the floor and felt an incredible sense of joy and peace and excitement. Suddenly, I thought to myself "I wish Chloe had been here so that I could have touched her at that very moment!" My joy turned to concern that Chloe wasn't there to receive a touch from God. The Holy Spirit then changed the entire direction of the church service and the pastor had us open our Bibles to Acts 2: 38-39. "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off--for all whom the Lord our God will call." God had read my mind and showed me that it was done. God is so awesome!!!


Side note: Later, I received an email from a friend who told me that her Mom had been in church on the same evening at the same time "standing in the gap" for Chloe and lifting her up in prayer. My friend's Mom was "touched" by the Holy Spirit and when she regained consciousness, the pastor told her "the little girl you were praying for has been healed!" Our God is an awesome God!

Satan and his dirty tricks!

The attacks from Satan during this trial were relentless! He was there from the very start to dispense the spirit of fear. He made me so afraid that there were times when I couldn't even look at Chloe and didn't want to be around her because all I was able to see was death and destruction. I needed my Mom to be with me on the days I was home alone with the kids because I was afraid to be alone with my own daughter!

Satan made me push friends away who only wanted to provide what comfort they could. He did not want me to see a future for my daughter and he tried to discourage me by filling my mind with horrible images of her demise. A constant battle was being waged in my mind. I finally decided that I was going to use my own free will to choose to focus on God and not the disease Chloe was diagnosed with. I made it a point to see Chloe's medical diagnosis through the eyes of God with whom nothing is impossible.

If it weren't for God's steady presence and the prayers and support of caring pastors, family and a loyal childhood friend in those very early days and weeks, I might have missed the opportunity to serve God and glorify His holy name through Chloe's healing testimony. Satan's daggers and darts became weaker and weaker as I grew strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! It got to a point when he would try to throw an image in my mind or a thought in my head and I immediately rebuked it. I rebuked anything that was not in line with God's Word and what he had revealed to me. The glory of the Lord truly became my rear guard!

Little did I know that I was about to enter a period of true spiritual warfare! In the journey ahead--the hospital leg of this journey--every single day was a battle. As you'll read below in the series of e-mail messages sent during that time, I held on tightly to Jesus--dressed in the full armour of God--as He guided me and Chloe through the dark valley. I clung tightly to Jesus and His Word as well as the family of faith God surrounded our family with. Countless prayer warriors from Mount Hope Church have stood with our family as we entered the dark valley and battled on Chloe's behalf. We are so grateful for their love and support as we continue to stand until Chloe's healing is fully manifested in the natural.

Mount Hope Church

The Dark Valley

This journey in faith has taken our family to heights where we have experienced the presence of God in all His glory and depths that would have brought us to the pit of depression had we not kept our eyes on Jesus. The "hospital leg" of this journey is where we truly entered the dark valley. The series of email messages sent to family and friends (and circulated to people and places that I'm sure are too numerous to count) are outlined below. I pray that you are blessed, encouraged and inspired by the messages and lessons from God shared through these emails.

Chloe’s Hospitalization

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 4:44 PM
Subject: Chloe Prayers

Please lift up mighty prayers for little Chloe.

She was hospitalized on Wednesday night for breathing difficulties. She has pneumonia and is currently still on a breathing tube. She is in the pediatric ICU at Sparrow and is still in critical condition although her stats are stable and they have started IV antibiotics. She is still unable to breathe on her own so docs are letting her little body rest until she can build up more strength. They tried lowering the levels today, but her heart rate increased too much so they will wait and most likely try again on Sunday.

God is taking excellent care of all of us! Grandma is staying at our house with Noah so that Jason can come to the hospital often and I am camped out by Chloe's bedside. Other than needing extra sleep, all is well and God's peace is upon us.

Please keep Chloe in your prayers. All our faith, hope and trust remains in God Almighty...our eyes are focused on His face.

I'll be checking e-mail as often as I can, but we are limiting visitors so that Chloe can get as much rest as possible.

With love and blessings,

Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2006 9:25 PM
Subject: Chloe ICU update

Chloe is still in the pediatric ICU. Her intubation tube slipped out Sunday morning and caused a hairy scene around here. The weekend staff is a little lighter and although there were plenty of nurses and residents to cover everything, the moments that followed became very intense and quite chaotic. They ended up calling the "code team" and the room soon exploded with lights and monitors and nurses and doctors from other areas of the hospital. Thank God that His peace was within me and I asked Him to send down divine wisdom from Heaven...that's exactly what He did! The resident and nurse wanted to reinsert the intubation tube and were scrambling to find the right size. I started thanking and praising God in the midst of everything and spoke the words "faith is the opposite of fear." God soon gave me a message to relay: " Do not reinsert the intubation tube." I relayed the message and they gave her an oxygen mask. Her oxygen saturation levels immediately normalized. The doctor (who was on call, but not at the hospital yet) arrived 20 minutes later and said "I am really glad you didn't try to reintubate...that would not have been the right thing to do." God is so good!

Now, she is receiving nasal oxygen to support her breathing, but no longer has the respirator breathing for her. A HUGE step in the right direction toward her recovery, but one that came sooner than everyone anticipated. Losing the tube also meant that she could no longer receive sedatives or pain medication. She hast been getting Tylenol to relieve any discomfort she might be having from the tube that was in her throat. She is on antibiotics to clear up a secondary bacterial infection she got after intubation. The nasty virus that caused the pneumonia in her lungs still has to run its course. She gets percussion treatments and breathing treatments to help loosen the gunk because she does not have a very strong cough to get it out due to her low muscle tone. I am pumping and she is getting milk through a feeding tube and has actually gained some weight. :) The next goal is to try some regular feedings once she starts weaning down from the oxygen support she is currently receiving.

I am still camped out by her bedside even though Jason keeps telling me to come home so he can stay. There is no way I can leave her side...all you Mommies understand. Noah visits for short periods daily and prays over his sister. She lights up every time! I went home once for a couple hours to spend time with him, but we have mostly been visiting and playing and hugging and loving on each other in the hospital hallway. He is such an intelligent and loving child. I knew he would not settle for us just relaying the details of what's been going on with Chloe. I knew he would find comfort in seeing his sister and having those little visits to see she's okay and getting stronger. Still, he just wants his Mama and sister to come home.

I was just thinking about Chloe and all she's going through right now. Just like a caterpillar must fight its way out of the chrysalis before it can realize the perfection and splendor God has made for it to be a beautiful butterfly. So Chloe must be strengthened by her trials to become the strong woman of God that He has planned for her--perfected in every way to show forth his glory and power and might. Each victory over adversity is building her testimony. She is a living testament to His glory.

All our faith, hope and trust remains in God Almighty who can do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ever think or imagine. For Him, nothing is impossible!

Thanks and blessings to you for your continued prayers and lots of love from all of us!

Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 11:09 AM
Subject: Trusting God for Chloe

Whew! The past several days have been quite a test of faith. Chloe was doing great and down to just a little nasal oxygen support until Friday evening. She aspirated some secretions into her lungs and was deprived of oxygen (completely blue) for approximately 30 minutes. I stood in her room once again watching (and praying and speaking God's promises into the atmosphere) as the room exploded in a frenzy of doctors and nurses racing to try to save her life. God was right there in the midst of everything. What was happening was no surprise to Him. I didn't expect it and the doctors and nurses didn't expect it, but God was in complete control the whole time.

After 30 minutes, God gave Chloe back to us. She had to be reintubated and the past several days have been an up and down battle against a new bacterial infection, allergic reactions to medications and fatigue. Right after they got her stable, I went down to the chapel to have a little chat with God. I thanked Him for giving her back to us and although I have not asked God for "signs and wonders" up to this point, that evening I asked Him to assure me that she was okay and that we are indeed moving toward His promise. I came back upstairs and Chloe watched me walk through the door to her room and followed me with her eyes to the side of her bed before making a little cry. She has since been smiling and interacting with us and God took my faith to another level.

Now, we are simply waiting on the Lord to fulfill His promise. Is waiting easy? No! Is it necessary? Yes! I guess I was naive to think that miracles come easy. I'm now understanding that because we are human beings we have to walk these trials out in the natural environments where we live. We have to walk through painful moments and moments of deep distress. We have to travel through the dark valleys. God's grace is truly sufficient during these times because as we walk through the valley we get closer to the promise.

It's easier to have faith when things don't look so bad, but the true test of where your heart stands, the true test of how much you really trust God and His character and His nature comes when things aren't so rosy and yet you still stand. God is doing a mighty work and a mighty miracle is about to unfold--one like no other has seen before.

We are at a critical point medically. Chloe cannot stay on the respirator much longer. The only option the doctors have for getting her off the respirator is giving her a tracheotomy. This "option" will only serve to "preserve" her until the "inevitable." I put those words in quotes because they are what the doctors are telling us. I believe the report of the Lord! He promised a good report for Chloe and we're standing and expecting nothing short of God's very best.

I understand that miracles do not happen every day. If that were the case, there would be no sickness or disease in this world. God does however, choose certain people and certain situations to manifest His power and glory. Chloe has been chosen. God has an appointed time to fully manifest her healing for us to receive in the natural. I wish I knew when. God has revealed so many secrets, but not that one. So, we wait, with great expectation, on our Lord, God Almighty, the Great Physician for whom NOTHING is impossible. In the meantime, we lift of praise and thanksgiving for what He has done and what He will do.

Keep lifting Chloe up in prayer. I can just imagine God listening to all the prayers being prayed on behalf of this one little girl. She is precious in His sight and I am so blessed and honored and awed that God has chosen our little girl and our family to reveal His awesome power.

All glory be to God!

Blessings and love to you,


From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2006 11:05 AM
Subject: URGENT Chloe prayers

The next 24 hours are a critical turning point. The doctors are starting to wean Chloe off the ventilator and hope to remove her intubation tube tomorrow. Her body--and especially her lungs--will need to be strong enough so that she is able to breathe on her own.

This miracle needs to be pulled down from the heavenly realm with fervent prayer. God already made the promise of Chloe's "Good Report." Please pray for our precious little girl and give thanks and praise to God as He moves mightily on her behalf.

All glory be to God!!

Love, Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 21:29:45 -0400
From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Subject: Chloe Update

Chloe was successfully removed from the ventilator today. Praise God! It was an exhausting day for her (and it took a few rounds out of Mommy too). They tried out nasal prongs for light oxygen support after removing the tube, but after about an hour, her breathing became more labored so they switched to a mask. She is now resting comfortably and I am praying that she will get a good, long night's sleep.

I need to truly learn that I cannot keep picking up the things that I have laid at the feet of Jesus. As I sit here for the 16th day in the pediatric ICU, it's easy to become a slave to the monitors and the screens that show heart rate and oxygen intake and blood pressure, etc. Some nights I'd just stare at those numbers until daybreak praying that the ones that were too high would come down and that the ones that were too low would go up. I finally had to ask God to deliver me from that sort of bondage. Every now and then though, I enslave myself once again.

I am learning to celebrate each victory with thanks and praise and trust God for what's to happen next. God is directing every step of this journey. At the start (and several times throughout) I surrendered everything to Jesus--myself, Chloe, our whole family. I told God that I trust Him completely with Chloe's life because He is the reason she exists. I used to think I could never put anyone before my children. I realize that children are a gift from God and without Him, I would not have them. Once I got my priorities straight, I began to experience true joy--even in the midst of this incredible storm.

There have been so many divine revelations along this journey and so many secrets revealed from the heart and mind of God. Jesus is the Author and the Finisher of our faith. He has begun a mighty work that I trust Him to see to completion. I start each new day with great expectation and hope—trusting God with my whole heart. Each day brings us further out of the valley and closer to God's promise for our baby girl.

Thank you for your continuing prayers.

Blessings and love, Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 9:48 AM
Subject: Chloe point of decision

We've reached yet another point in this journey where doctors are asking us to make decisions that we are unable to make on our own. Each time we keep our eyes on Jesus, bring the reports to Him and lay them at His feet. I never make a move until I hear from God. Chloe is healed for His glory so any decisions about her care that we must make while walking this journey out in the natural are presented to Him for guidance and divine intervention.

Here's what the doctors are saying our options are:

1. Take her off oxygen. (This is not currently a feasible, life sustaining option medically since she currently relies on oxygen support to breathe). If God leads us to this option, we know that it is His timing for divine intervention.

2. Go home with Bipap and a feeding tube. (This is what she is currently on right now. We would have to be trained and receive some sort of in-home nursing care to follow through with this same option at home).

3. A trach and gastrostomy. (This is the most invasive option that would entail surgery to put a small hole in her neck through which she could be oxygenated and suctioned providing a secure airway. This would also involve a surgical procedure to be able to feed her directly through her stomach without a feeding tube).

Chloe is stable and her stats are good. She is on Bipap (with an oxygen mask) and they are once again weaning levels of support. She still has a feeding tube (inserted through her mouth) that gives her nourishment directly to her stomach. She only "destated" (dropped oxygen levels) once in the past 24 hours and that was after getting very upset and crying really hard which increases her secretions and requires suctioning, which causes a vicious cycle of more crying and more secretions! Ugh. She is at the age (jus turned 11 months on Monday) where new faces and "strangers" touching her every few hours is very upsetting. We'd love to be home with Jason and Noah in our familiar environment. Three weeks in the ICU is no fun, but God makes it bearable.

On a good note, they are discontinuing her antibiotics because the lab reports showed no infection. They will also be removing her central line because they don't want to keep anything in her body that may increase the risk of infection. The doc is pretty amazed that she is doing so well--especially considering how much physical strength it takes to go through what she's been through the past three weeks. I can only attribute the strength of this little girl to the power of God within her. She is definitely filled with the Holy Spirit. It's so awesome to know God is at work. She was "burning up" with what the nurse thought was a fever the other day, but when she checked her temperature (several times) it was completely normal. The fire of the Holy Spirit cannot be measured with a thermometer! :)

We wait on the Lord. We trust in Him completely. We know Chloe and our whole family are in the best hands...the hands of the Almighty God who is at work at this very moment. We know that Chloe is healed. We are believing for the complete manifestation of her healing in the natural. And, we stand in agreement with God for Chloe's "good report."

Keep our little Chloe in your continuing prayers and please pray that I hear CLEARLY from God (very soon!).

Blessings to you,

Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 1:42 PM
Subject: Chloe News

Today is the day that the docs wanted us to make a decision about "next steps" with Chloe's medical care. I had been waiting to hear from God, hoping that He would speak directly to me as He has so many times before. Well, He decided to give the doc the answer this morning. Her stats through the night were VERY GOOD. They have been weaning down her oxygen levels to see how well she tolerates it. The doc looked at her numbers and decided that we should continue to wean her from the oxygen support over time and therefore NOT make a move with any invasive procedures like a tracheospomy! Thank you Jesus!

We are still trusting God for the full manifestation of her total healing. He hasn't told us where or when it will take place, but the efforts we are now making will get us back home in a familiar and comfortable environment until His perfect timing.

She is on minimal oxygen support, but is still receiving pressure support through the Bipap to keep her lungs expanded for deep breaths. At this time, without the pressure support, her breaths become shallow and she needs a little extra oxygen. They will also be conducting a "swallow study" soon to see if she still needs to be strictly tube fed or if she can start eating food again. In the meantime, plans are in place to train me and Jason on the equipment that they are expecting she will need at home at this point. We are praying for divine intervention so that we won't need any of it.

Chloe is full of smiles. She's "talking" nonstop and giggling out loud. Everyone who looks at her sees that God is doing a mighty work in that little body and her spirit is full of joy. She let out a squeal this morning after she heard the doctor say "we need to discuss Chloe's discharge plan." She is SO READY to get home to her Papa and brother!

Please continue praying for our sweet little Chloe. Thank you so much for all of your prayers for our family. I will continue to keep you posted.

Love and blessings, Nichole

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2006 2:36 PM
Subject: Chloe: Day 29 ICU

Chloe has her swallow study scheduled for tomorrow morning (Friday) at 8:30 a.m. Please pray that all goes well so that we can remove the feeding tube and get her back to enjoying meals in her high chair.

The doctor outlined all the possible "worst case scenario" risks of the swallow study. Immediately God put on my heart that He is in control. So although I understand the doctor's concerns, I know that what happens during the swallow study is completely under God's control. Chloe has not had any food or drink by mouth in 29 days. They need to see if she is still strong enough to eat and swallow food without aspirating it into her lungs.

I'm tired, but not weary. I would not be honest and truthful if I didn't say that living in the hospital isn't exhausting. It finally started to catch up with me a few days ago. Each time I ask God to refresh me, He does. And, He does it in ways that I don't expect, but ways that always magnify Him.

He is teaching me so much on this leg of my journey in faith. The other day He gave me a lesson in His grace. I told Him that I needed to hear from Him and I got quiet for an hour and just let Him speak to me. This is what He said: "I want people to see what my grace LOOKS like. People understand my grace as a concept, but they need to see visible, tangible evidence of my grace through you."

God's grace (His mercy, blessing, favor and loving-kindness) has been upon me throughout this journey. God's grace is how a mother can STAND and watch her child in some of the most life-threatening situations with "a peace that passes all understanding" that everything will be okay. God's grace is how I can BELIEVE for a miracle of God when doctors tell me that my daughter's diagnosis has no cure. God's grace is how I have the STAMINA to walk by FAITH and not by sight while well-meaning people try to talk me into settling for less than God's perfect best. God's grace is His WORD spoken to me by Him in the middle of a prayer. God's grace is His LIVING WORD in action on days when "the joy of the Lord is my strength." God's grace is the POWER of His MANIFEST PRESENCE that reminds me that He is right there with me through everything.

Thank you Jesus! All glory be to God.

My prayer has been that God richly blesses all of those who are praying for our little girl. I'm positive that there are people praying for Chloe that we don't even know. God knows all and sees all and blesses those who are a blessing to others.

Thank you for blessing my family with your continuing faithful prayers.

Love, Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 9:46 AM
Subject: Chloe swallow study

Chloe did not pass her test this morning. She swallowed well on the first try, but aspirated some food into her lungs when they tried a second time. I'm disappointed, but not discouraged. This simply means that she cannot have food by mouth at this point in time. They can repeat the study at a later date when she's stronger and handling her secretions better. They reinserted her feed tube (through her nose) which is said to be more comfortable than the route directly through her mouth.

So, we continue to stand in faith and wait on the Lord. His timing--although not always in line with when we want things to happen--is always perfect. During the swallow study, Chloe met a whole new batch of folks who had not previously met her. I joked when we got to the hospital last month that Chloe must need to collect more witnesses to her testimony that's why we ended up here! It may certainly be the case.

We are still working out the details of her discharge plan. We have been trained on the hospital equipment and will be trained on the versions of the equipment they expect us to need at home. That being said, looks like we may be here at least another week. I really can't complain though. I told God we'd be willing to stay here for as long as He needed to fulfill His will and purpose for us being here on this leg of the journey. I meant it with all my heart so I know that if we have to stay longer than anticipated, He'll make everything okay. We have recently acquired a private room with its on bathroom and a big bed that Chloe and I can snuggle in together so He's giving us a nice dose of His favor. ;)

Have a blessed day. Thanks for your continuing prayers. I'll keep you posted!

Love, Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe
Home from the Hospital

Coming home from the hospital started a new leg of our journey with God. We were so grateful and thankful for all the times God showed Himself mighty on Chloe's behalf and saved her life through what looked like impossible situations in the natural. We were sent home with loads of equipment and 16 hours of in-home nursing care for Chloe. We had to train the nurses in Chloe's treatment protocol. This added a whole new dimension to our family life. We established a mini intensive care unit in our family room. Our three-year-old son had to be taken out of preschool because it was too much of a risk for him to bring a bug home for Chloe to catch. And, with both my husband and I involved in the round the clock care for Chloe, we were unable to return to our jobs. Our trust in God continued, but took on yet another level as we looked to Him for direction and guidance. During this time, God matured all of us in our relationship with Him. He also turned our son, Noah, into a mighty little prayer warrior for His sister.

Chloe: Back Home with Her Family!

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 13:26:52 -0500
Subject: Chloe's Home!

After 36 days in the pediatric ICU, Chloe is home! Thank you Jesus! Noah got a lesson in faith and trust in God with his little sister's homecoming. Every night, without fail, he visited his sister's bedside and prayed this simple prayer: "God, can you please put your hand on Chloe and make her better so that she can come home with me?" Thank you God. I love you God. Amen!" God hears and answers prayers!

All our faith, hope and trust remains in God Almighty for the full manifestation of Chloe's healing in the natural. She is getting better and better with each passing day. She is currently on a ventilator which provides positive pressure support to keep her little lungs expanded for longer periods of time so that she can take deeper breaths. The plan is to gradually wean her from the vent at home. Right now, we take her off the vent for 1.5 to 2 hours between each breathing treatment (every 4 hours) so that her little face can get a break from wearing the mask. We started this process in the hospital and are continuing at home. She has been doing GREAT!

Because of her intensive treatment schedule, we have in-home nursing care to give us a little break and allow us to spend time with Noah and do all the practical things of keeping our house in order. The incredible nurses in the pediatric ICU became like family during our stay there. They trained me (and Jason) on all the steps of her treatment plan so that we can train her home care nurses on her treatment protocol.

We are still in a period of adjustment as we try to settle into a routine. It feels SO GOOD to be back home! I'm still looking forward to getting some sleep, which is still a bit elusive right now with the in-home nurse trainings and my body still being on the hospital treatment schedule. I just thank God for being right there with me and Chloe as we walked out the hospital leg of our journey. I have a notebook FULL of all the ways and times He showed up, stepped in and intervened on our behalf. He is so AWESOME!

We are each given our own roles to play in our walk with God. My role is to always WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT; TRUST IN GOD ALMIGHTY FOR WHOM NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE; and STAND ON HIS WORD AND HIS PROMISES. Chloe's role is to reveal the Spirit of the Living God in her little body that on the outside, is labeled weak, but is truly strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Thank you for the role you continue to play by covering Chloe and our family in prayer.

I have attached some pictures of Chloe here at home! :)

Love and blessings,

Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2006 12:41 PM
Subject: Chloe update from home

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and our family has so much to be thankful for! All glory be to God! He is good and His mercy endures forever.

God is continuing the mighty work He started in Chloe and she is doing incredible in her home environment. Since coming home from the hospital just shy of three weeks ago, she has been completely weaned off all supplemental oxygen; she is only on the ventilator at naptime and bedtime; she is off of all of her medications; AND she has strength in new areas (where she didn't have strength even before her hospitalization!). She had a visit to the pediatrician's office today. The doctor was AMAZED to see how well our little girl is doing. She saw visible, tangible evidence of the work of God's mighty hands.

Chloe celebrated her first birthday on Thursday (Nov. 16). She had an incredible day! She was full of smiles as her family gathered around her singing Happy Birthday and helped her open numerous gifts and cards. She paused for a moment, looked around and simply said: "Wow Mama." Of course, my heart just melted with love. Because she was unable to eat her birthday cake, her big brother, Noah, decided he should make her birthday wish and blow out her candle. This is what he said: "Dear God, I want Chloe to be able to eat birthday cake...if not today, really soon! I want her at the table with us. Thank you God, I love you God! Amen." Chloe still has a feeding tube at the current time. She will be scheduled for a follow-up swallow study soon to see if it's time to have meals in her high chair. Keep praying!

God is so faithful. From the very beginning, I surrendered ALL to Him. I submitted to His authority and cast all my cares on Him. In return, He gave me a peace that passes all understanding and wrapped His strong and loving arms around Chloe and our whole family. Even though there are times when I try to take back some of the things I have given to Him, I quickly repent and once again cast all my cares on Him so that He has the freedom to move forward with His perfect will for our lives. He's been teaching me to walk in grace and patience, has given me the endurance to persevere in the deepest valleys, and equipped me with a boldness like never before to magnify and glorify Him through my words and actions. It's not about me, not about Chloe, not about our family, it's all about HIM. I am just so grateful and thankful and humbled by the fact that He chose our family and our precious daughter to do such a mighty work. Thank you Jesus!

I have been keeping you informed throughout this journey so you know that the road has not been easy, but you are also able to see that no matter what things look like in the natural, God Almighty is ALWAYS in control. He sits on the throne in Heaven and at the helm of our lives.

Jesus is the Author and the Finisher of our faith. He has started a mighty work in Chloe's little body, in my life, in the life of our family and in the lives and hearts of all of you standing and waiting, hoping and praying. I know we are SO CLOSE to the full manifestation of this mighty miracle in the natural. All of our hope, faith and trust remains in God Almighty--NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD!

"So the Lord must wait for you to come to Him so He can show you his love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for His help."
--Isaiah 30:18

We have much to be thankful for this holiday and always. Wishing you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving filled with love, family and God's blessings.

With love and sincere gratitude for your continuing prayers,

Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

Chloe: Back in the Hospital

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Subject: Chloe back in the PICU
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 21:16:15 -0500

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding..." Proverbs 3:5

Chloe made another trip back to the pediatric intensive care unit at Sparrow on Thursday. She was in respiratory distress and her stats dropped to a level too low for us to recover from at home. We ended up calling EMS and she was transported to Ingham and from there to Sparrow. She has pneumonia and is receiving antibiotics. She is doing really well and is back to zero supplemental oxygen. She's been getting lots of rest after all the excitement. Although I could not understand why we ended up back here, I know that God is in control and I am so thankful that we will be discharged Saturday morning!!!!

We noticed in the days prior to this episode she was having allergic reactions to just about everything (perfumes, lotions, hair spray, aerosols, etc.). We made a point of controlling her environment and limiting these triggers, but it was truly by the grace of God that we ended up in the ER. We called on God in prayer asking for divine wisdom on what to do Thursday and had we not listened to what He placed on our hearts and gone to the hospital, we would have been masking the underlying pneumonia by just treating the "allergy symptoms" at home.

Please pray for a speedy recovery for Chloe at home with her family where she belongs. This victory has already been claimed in the name of Jesus!

Love and blessings to you,

Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

Chloe: New Year, New Hope

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2007 1:04 PM
Subject: Chloe update: Looking forward

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a joyous and blessed holiday season.

We had a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas eve (Noah's idea) and it was absolutely incredible! We started off with praise and worship and felt the presence of God all around us. What an AMAZING feeling!! We followed with prayer, offering our gifts to God, Holy Communion and of course, ice cream and cake. The evening ended with a children's Nativity movie and slumber party so that we could all "camp out" around Chloe's bedside and usher in Christmas Day together.

What a year 2006 was for our family! As we press forward, it's hard not to look over my shoulder and see all the things that happened and all the times God showed me that He was right there. From Chloe's SMA diagnosis in May through her hospitalizations, God's hand was upon our family every step of the way. I look back with a combination of tears and joy--completely in awe of the power of God Almighty. I am so grateful and thankful for all the times He held Chloe in His arms and the ways He revealed Himself to me (and continues to do so). He has given me glimpses of the future, peace in the midst of storms and strength to press forward through overwhelming situations and circumstances. Thank you Jesus!

Although we'd all like to leave some things in 2006 behind, sometimes things carry over and continue. Chloe got through a second bout of pneumonia in early December, but still has a sensitivity to fragrances and has episodes where she gets congested and her stats drop a bit. We try to limit the triggers in her environment, but every now and then she has a reaction.

Chloe will be having her video swallow study repeated on Thursday, January 11th at 1 p.m. Please keep her in your constant prayers...believing and trusting God that she will pass her test this time and be able to have her feeding tube removed so that she can join us again at the table for meals.

We continue to wait on the Lord for the full manifestation of Chloe's healing in the natural. Waiting IS NOT EASY. I am human and I finally reached a point where the waiting started taking a toll on me physically and mentally. I began feeling a bit discouraged and depressed. One morning, it took all of my effort and energy just to get out of bed...I felt completely drained. It wasn't long (thank God) before I realized what was happening. I had taken my eyes off Jesus and started looking at the temporal circumstances surrounding me. One thing has remained unchanged--my faith in God to keep His promise. I know that I know that I know CHLOE IS HEALED. Waiting to see the full manifestation in the natural is the HARDEST part. I have to remember that God's timing is not MY timing.

I wait and trust in the midst of well-meaning people trying to relate to my circumstances by telling me personal stories of how they or a friend lost a child...about a family standing in faith and watching their child die. I can't begin to explain or understand why those families experienced that outcome. All I know is that God has rooted Chloe's healing so deeply in MY heart that no matter what things look like or what is happening I KNOW that she is healed and that we will see her healing completely manifested in the natural. It's truly hard to explain without giving more details that would probably make things seem even more confusing. All I know is that no matter how hard I tried in the beginning to muster up enough faith, hope and trust on my own to believe for a miracle for Chloe that I could not do it until God Himself planted the seed in my heart to believe for and receive Chloe's healing. HE DID IT!! Once He planted that seed in my heart I became hungry for more of Him and He continued to give me more of Himself. He filled me with His Holy Spirit so that I could hear His voice clearly in the midst of chaos and have peace, confidence and assurance like I've never experienced before

So I wait...being mindful to always keep my eyes on Jesus. I smile and thank God that He has taught me how to walk in faith with boldness and confidence. Some might look at me and think I must be "in denial." One bold friend has even come forward and said that (in so many words). One thing I know for sure is that without faith, it's impossible to please God. I don't know HOW He's going to unfold Chloe's healing. I don't know WHEN He's going to fully manifest it (I keep praying SOON--like He's shown me). I just KNOW that it's done.

God has made room for the incredible blessing that He wants to get to us. He has removed everything from our lives that might distract us from focusing on and relying on Him completely. He did it systematically--one thing at a time--so as not to completely overwhelm us. Our current life is certainly one we do not recognize. We are all home, together, waiting on guidance and direction for our next steps. We truly take things one day at a time.

We are looking forward with great expectation of what's to come. Thank you for your continuing prayers on this journey. I pray that God blesses you and your family with the best year ever!

Love and blessings, Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007 4:41 PM
Subject: Chloe’s swallow test

We had Chloe's swallow test repeated today and she did a great job--so much better than the first test--but she did not pass it. The previous test showed a big delay before she actually swallowed and she aspirated right away. This time she swallowed without delay the first three times, but the fourth time there was a short delay and she aspirated a small part of what she swallowed.

I am not disappointed because this shows that things are moving in the right direction. After going such a long period without having food by mouth she still has the desire to eat and the ability to swallow better than she did when she left the hospital after her lengthy stay!

God is faithful. Chloe is healed. We are waiting on God's perfect timing because He is perfecting every detail of the full manifestation.

Thank you for your continuing prayers!

Love and blessings to you,

Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 12:14 PM
Subject: Chloe update and photos

As we wait on God to fully complete the mighty work He's started in Chloe's little body, we are thankful each day that she is thriving, growing and having a good time! She has grown so much--it's amazing to see this beautiful little girl sitting where my little baby once was.

She has been sitting in her high chair again (although she still has her NJ tube and is unable to have food by mouth at the present time). We use the high chair for brushing her teeth, playing games and reading stories.

Chloe's favorite past time is watching her brother make silly faces as she laughs out loud. She also loves watching her favorite cartoon, Curious George. Her favorite new word is "LOVE." :) Mamma, Daddy, Noah, Uh-oh, No and Doggie are some of the other commonly used words in her expanding vocabulary.

She has gotten less and less interested in naps and bedtime (uh-oh!) so she spends up to seven hours at a time off her ventilator and quite a bit of time playing. She still uses the vent for her short afternoon nap and at bedtime.

God's healing virtue is flowing through Chloe's body daily. There are some days where we see--right before our eyes--new movement in muscles that were previously weak. Thank you Jesus!

I start each day with the faith and expectancy of a child asking God "Is today the day Chloe's healing will be fully manifested?" The hope and assurance offered through faith in Jesus Christ alone is like no other. When I think about who I'm waiting on and what I'm waiting for my heart is filled with anticipation and excitement of what's to come. God is faithful. He shows us His grace, mercy, love and favor each day as we continue to trust in Him with all our hearts and souls.

Thank you for continuing to lift Chloe and our family up in prayer.

Love and blessings, Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

"For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation." Psalm 100:5

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 12:35 PM
Subject: Chloe update: God is in the details

Just wanted to give you a quick update on something God did for Chloe. Several weeks ago God told me "Don't insult me by underestimating my power. Trust me in all things great and small." God is interested in every detail of our lives. Nothing is to small to bring to God and nothing is too big. If it's important to you, it's important to God. Why? Because He loves you and He cares and He wants to show Himself faithful in your life and in your situation.

We have been transporting Chloe to doctor appointments in the same car seat we used when she was an infant even though she has definitely outgrown the seat. It was truly the only safe way to transport her because she still needs to be rear-facing at the current time because she doesn't yet have the ability to sit upright in a front-facing car seat for long periods of time.

Chloe's physical therapist from Early On noticed that we were still using the infant seat and said she would contact the State of Michigan's Child Passenger Safety Department to see if they had any suggestions for a car seat with the proper support. After a discussion with them, she told me that they would like to come out to our house, measure Chloe and design a car seat with a special support system that would fit her current needs. Our PT said that in the 30 years that she has worked for Early On, she had NEVER heard of State Department workers making a house call.

A few days later the house visit was arranged and Chloe's PT informed us that the car seat would be completely PAID FOR through a state of Michigan grant. God had already put the wheels in motion on this project, but instead of being thankful and grateful, I got a little upset. I did not want a "special" car seat for Chloe! I did not want to make accommodations for this temporal situation! So, this is the prayer I prayed to God. "God, I don't want a car seat with special contraptions! I want my baby girl to have a normal car seat. We're trusting you to fully manifest her healing so I don't want a car seat that has to be adapted to her current situation!" God heard and ANSWERED my prayer. (I look back on it and realize that it was kind of a "bratty" prayer. I didn't immediately thank Him for what He was doing, but God saw my heart!)

The state people came out last week and brought a car seat with them that they purchased off the shelf. Apologetically one of them said "I know we were supposed to design a special car seat and we will if need be, but we bought two car seats and something told me to bring this one to see if it might work." It was a beautiful, deluxe, NORMAL car seat. We put Chloe in it, they adjusted all the straps and buckles and it was a PERFECT fit with perfect support without any special contraptions!

I was thrilled, but God wasn't finished yet. The state workers were taking the car seat out to install it in my vehicle and when I looked at the car seat again I noticed for the first time that it was personalized with God's signature! In beautiful, pink, hand-stitched letters were the words: Alpha Omega! I gasped in awe of God's extra special touch with attention to detail.

I told God I didn't want a "special car seat," but that's exactly what He gave me, but in a way more special than I could have ever thought, or imagined or dreamed!! Thank you Jesus! All glory to God.

Be blessed!

Love, Nichole, Jason, Noah and Chloe

From: Nichole Kelley-Korson
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 11:47 AM
Subject: Chloe: Endurance

It's been a week of calling out to Jesus for help and mercy. He showed up on several occasions to restore peace and order in the midst of chaos. I would have e-mailed a request for prayers, but I didn't even have a single moment to sit down in front of the computer.

Chloe has been reacting to virtually everything for the past week. When she has a reaction, her lungs fill up with fluid, her oxygen intake drops and it's a struggle just to breathe. These episodes last for about an hour--sometimes longer. The amazing thing is that she knows the joy of the Lord is her strength so she "sings" her way through each reaction even taking time to say the occasional "Oh wow!" In the midst of everything, she also manages to give a reassuring smile. My heart is overwhelmed with love for my precious little girl. She is so courageous and filled with faith.

We took her to the doctor on Thursday to get chest x-rays to see if any pneumonia was brewing. We received a good report--no pneumonia! Thank you Jesus! Her doctor thinks she picked up some type of virus (not sure where from since we have all been pretty much housebound through this cold and flu season!). Anyway, as we wait for it to run its course, we endure and call on God for strength and wisdom.

Each morning, I wake up and pray the same prayer: "Dear God, I commit this day and everything that happens in it to you. I trust you completely--even when I don't understand. I know you are in complete control and I thank you for your mercy."

God's mercies are new each morning. We have seen God move immediately in response to urgent prayers over the past week. He reminds us and reassures us of His promises. Just when we think we don't have the strength and energy to move forward another step, He gives us a fresh infilling of His Holy Spirit. I've said it many times before and I'll say it again: God is doing a mighty work in Chloe's little body and in our family. We are on the verge of receiving the total fulfillment of His promise. We wait, with great expectation, for Chloe's mighty healing miracle to be fully manifested.

Please keep us in your prayers as we wait. We are going through and each struggle brings us closer to the victory that is ours in Jesus. God Keeps putting a message on my heart to be strong and courageous. "So be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the Lord!" Psalm 31:24

With love and gratitude for your continuing prayers,
The Korson Family (Jason, Nichole, Noah and Chloe)

P.S. I have attached a few pictures of Noah and Chloe taken about two weeks ago. Enjoy!

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the originator and perfecter of our faith." Hebrews 12:1-2

"Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing." James 1: 2-4